kiko mizuhara

(name) mizuhara kiko

(nickname) kiko-chan makes her giggle.

(birth/age) 21, october 15

(year) sophomore

(residency) off-campus apartment [x]

(major) animal behavior and ethology

(clubs/sports) swim team, photography and outdoors club

social media twitter: @simplewanders
blog: hauntress


if you asked kiko what was a defining moment in her childhood, she'd tell you absolutely everything. from discovering that her birth name was not actually mizuhara kiko to realizing that she was born two weeks early on south korean soil just a day before her mother was gearing up to go back home to japan after visiting family. that made life interesting for kiko while growing up, her mother was simply a korean born woman who'd lived the majority of her life in japan which meant that kiko knew nothing of what it was to be korean. her mother spoke japanese around her more often than not, doing her best to teach kiko korean when asked even though her own knowledge of the language was subpar at best. there was really nothing more she could have asked for growing up -- except maybe for her father to stay longer than just a few months before disappearing back to texas, but that was another story; he still did his best to provide her with more love than she could handle. her mother spoiled her from day one, always reminding kiko of how beautiful she was and treating her so much like a princess that she was all too eager to jump on an opportunity to get her daughter's face known. the offers for modeling opportunities came rolling and kiko accepted them, loving the feel of having the spotlight on her just as her mother raised her to believe it should be and even moreso, she loved trying out different styles of fashion that made her feel like she could be anyone and anything she wanted to be.

and so it happened exactly that way.

by no means did kiko slack off when it came to her school work, she knew exactly where to draw the line when it came to what was more important between school and modeling. with her grades being in the top margin of her class, she was accepted into yonsei university unbeknownest to anyone that she had an interesting in attending school in korea. it was lucky enough for her that her agency also had ties in korea and not wanting to lose her, they made sure to follow her there with promises of keeping the spotlight on her even while there. enrolling at yonsei university changed things for kiko, she quickly grew bored of modeling and focused more on how to improve her life as an average college student. that was how she came to be a member of zeta tau alpha, soaking up the fun and relevancy that came with taking on the greek life.

no one expected that eventually even that wouldn't be enough.

kiko disappeared one day during the midterm examinations of her sophomore year, leaving behind her studies and her place as a zeta tau alpha sister. no one had any idea where she'd gone off to, scarcely sending text messages to some that told nothing of her whereabouts— only that she was alive. as a result of her carelessness, her gpa completely tanked and she was dismissed as a member of zeta tau alpha by the time she returned to absolutely nothing. kiko was immediately placed on academic suspension where she happily spent most of it back home with her younger sister before enrolling into yonsei once again, promising her advisor that she'd have her gpa back in good standing in no time.


... she has two cats that she's sure the world should revolve around. ciccio is her first child who is still living in japan with her sister and bubu is her second, she adopted him when she moved to korea.

... kiko still does modeling every now and then, but only if they don't require that she travel outside of the country. she's trying to uphold her promise.

... during the time that she disappeared, kiko was traveling all over europe with a group of old friends from japan. none of them had any idea that she'd just up and dropped university life either.

... her own indecisiveness just might be her downfall. honestly, kiko doesn't know what she wants in life. sometimes she simply wants everything but when everything becomes too much, she's prone to drop it all and run away.

... in fact, she's not even sure about her current major.

... there's a bit of a passive aggressive streak in her, but only because she loves watching people try to figure out just what she's going on about.

... her korean is well on its way to not being actual shit. she is pretty good at writing in korean, but she often has to be corrected when speaking it at times. her english is tragic, but she still tries.

... her favorite movie is my neighbor totoro and she will collect whatever merch she can get her hands on. it's the same with pikachu even though she's never played pokemon or watched the show religiously, she just loves pikachu. don't try to quiz her on it.

... what is love? don't expect an answer from her. she thinks all the fun things that happen when leading up to a relationship are better than the actual relationship.

face: kiko mizuhara / writing: 3rd person, but otherwise flexible. / #know her mind / ©